Cookie Policy utilizes cookies to enhance your browsing experience. This cookie policy forms a part of Nekfi’s privacy policy and addresses the use of cookies on your device and our Website. Additionally, we offer an overview of third-party services we might employ, such as Google Analytics for website analytics, Facebook Pixel for targeted advertising, and YouTube for embedded videos, which may also deploy cookies as part of their services. Please note that our policy does not extend to these third-party cookies.

What is a cookie?

In the internet world, Cookies may seem small, but they have the power to enhance your browsing experience and enable personalized interactions with websites. It remembers your preferences and login information to make browsing more efficient. Allow cookies for a smoother experience. As someone who cares about your online experience, I want to remind you that cookies can be beneficial. They are a dependable way for websites to remember important information, like items in your shopping cart or browsing history. By recording your activity, cookies help make your time online more convenient and personalized to your needs. For instance, websites can remember your language preference, eliminating the need for you to select it each time you visit. Cookies can store personal information such as names, addresses, passwords, and credit card numbers in form fields, allowing easy retrieval for future use. Understanding these cookies’ functions is critical to managing your online privacy.

Cookies perform several essential functions, such as:

  • Session Management: Cookies help websites recognize users and recall their login information and preferences, such as shopping cart items.
  • Personalization: For user customization and preferences, cookies enable websites to remember information that changes how the site behaves or looks, such as a preferred language or region.
  • Tracking: Cookies can track user behavior, which advertisers use to serve relevant ads to users based on their browsing history. This tracking is done by assigning a unique identifier to each user, which is stored in a cookie. Websites can track your browsing behavior using your identifier. While this may raise privacy concerns, it’s crucial to understand that this tracking also paves the way for a more personalized online experience, with ads and content tailored to your interests and preferences, thereby enhancing your browsing experience and making you feel valued.
    While cookies undeniably enhance user experience, they also raise privacy concerns. However, it’s crucial to remember that you, as a user, have the ultimate control over these cookies. They may track your browsing activities across multiple sites, often without explicit consent, but you have the authority to manage and delete them as you see fit. Manage cookies in your browser settings. This empowers you to safeguard your online privacy.

Why do we use cookies?

Both first-party and third-party cookies are integral to our Website’s functionality. Some, known as ‘essential’ or ‘strictly necessary ‘cookies, are crucial for technical reasons to ensure our Website operates smoothly. Others are used to track and understand our users’ interests, enhancing the experience on our Online Properties. It is important to note that our Website may have cookies placed by third-party entities for various purposes such as advertising, analytics, and other related activities. Below is detailed information about these cookies to help you understand their purpose better. However, you can manage these cookies as per your preferences.
Our use of first-party and third-party cookies on our Website serves multiple purposes:

Our cookie usage spans several objectives:

  • To enable smooth and efficient operation of our Website;
  • To improve your browsing experience by making navigation quicker and more intuitive;
  • To provide a personalized experience, understanding what interests you and how you interact with our site;
  • To analyze our site’s performance and optimize its functionality;
  • To identify potential future engagements and tailor marketing and sales interactions accordingly;
  • Customize online advertisements based on your specific interests.

You are a confident and authorized user of our services at As an individual or entity registered with us, you have complete access to all we offer. You, the user, are an individual or entity registered with to access and use our services.

Types of cookies

Cookies serve various unique functions and purposes and can be categorized into several types. Here’s a breakdown of the primary categories of cookies:

  • Session Cookies: Our site uses temporary cookies that are deleted when you close your browser. These cookies provide you with a smooth browsing experience without storing any of your personal information. They track your activities during a single browsing session, ensuring you don’t need to re-enter information you’ve already provided.
  • Persistent Cookies: Websites may store tiny files on your device when you browse their pages. These cookies can remain on your device for a specific time or until you remove them manually. They enhance your browsing experience by remembering your preferences and recognizing you upon return visits. Regularly clearing these cookies can help you maintain privacy without compromising convenience.
  • First-party Cookies: Website cookies store site-specific information like user preferences or analytics data.
  • Third-party Cookies: Other domains set cookies for advertising and cross-site tracking. They manage content like ads or images from external sources.
  • Secure Cookies: These cookies protect the data they contain from unauthorized access. They are encrypted, making it hard for hackers to access. We also use HTTPS for secure online activities. This reassures you about the security measures in place, instilling a sense of trust and confidence in our services. Keep your data safe always useing HTTPS.
  • HttpOnly Cookies: Websites use cookies to store small bits of data on users’ computers. This helps to remember preferences and login details for a personalized browsing experience. Both the server-side and client-side scripts can access these cookies. JavaScript can’t access all cookies, making client-side scripts less vulnerable to XSS attacks that steal user data.
  • Performance Cookies: Website usage statistics are collected anonymously to monitor your interaction with the Website. Our tracking system registers every page you visit and each link you click, enhancing the Website’s functionality and ensuring your user experience is optimized to the fullest.
  • Functionality Cookies: Make your visits more personalized with cookies that remember your language and region preferences.
  • Advertising or Targeting Cookies: These track your online activity and collect data on your interests based on your browsing habits. This information is used to deliver more relevant advertisements tailored to you and assess advertising campaigns’ effectiveness. While this can enhance your browsing experience by showing you ads that are more likely to interest you, it’s important to note that this tracking also raises privacy concerns. Understanding these cookies’ functions is critical to managing your online privacy.

Understanding the roles of these different types of cookies is informative and essential for effectively managing your cookie preferences and protecting your online privacy. By understanding the functions and implications of each cookie type, you can make informed decisions about which to accept and which to block. For example, accepting session cookies may enhance your browsing experience, while rejecting tracking cookies may protect your privacy. This ensures a browsing experience that aligns with your needs and preferences.

How can I control cookies?

Controlling whether to accept or reject cookies is easy with our Cookie Consent Manager. This tool allows you to choose which types of cookies you want to enable and which ones you want to block. By specifying the categories of cookies you wish to receive and those you want to decline, you can exercise greater control over your online privacy and security. This practical solution ensures that you accept cookies relevant to your needs while keeping unwanted ones at bay. Essential cookies cannot be refused, as they’re necessary for providing services.
The Cookie Consent Manager is in the notification banner and on our Website. If you reject cookies, you can still access our Website, but some functionalities and areas might be limited. You can personalize your web browser’s settings to allow or restrict the use of cookies based on your preferences.
Details about the specific first- and third-party cookies used on our Website, along with their intended purposes, are outlined in the table below (note that the cookies used may vary by the particular Online Properties you visit):

How can you manage cookies?

It’s essential to take control of your online privacy. You can assert your rights by managing cookies through your browser’s settings. Don’t let anyone track your online activity without your consent. Take charge today and protect your privacy by adjusting your browser’s cookie settings. Adjusting these settings gives you control over the cookies that websites can set on your device. However, restricting cookies might impact your user experience, as it could turn off personalization features and prevent the storage of customized settings, such as login details. Most browser developers offer specific guidance on managing cookies in their products.
Manage your cookies easily by referring to the help pages provided by your browser’s manufacturers listed below.

With the help of these valuable resources, you can discover how to tailor your cookie settings to match your unique preferences perfectly.

Managing cookies and technologies

Protect your online privacy and security by controlling your web browser’s settings. You can block cookies and similar technologies that track your online activities. Ensure you maintain your online experience by configuring your browser today. However, doing so may interfere with essential cookies, potentially affecting the proper functioning of our Website and limiting your access to its full features and services. Disabling cookies may lead to losing important saved details, including login credentials and website preferences. Therefore, it is recommended that cookies be kept enabled to ensure an uninterrupted browsing experience.
It’s important to note that disabling cookies in your browser settings doesn’t remove them from your browser; you must delete them manually. To delete cookies, check your browser’s help menu for specific instructions.

Updates to Our Cookie Policy

As our services and policies evolve, we may need to update this Cookie Policy to ensure it accurately reflects our operations. Unless mandated by law, we will inform you in advance of any changes (for example, via our Service) and provide you an opportunity to review the new Cookie Policy before it becomes effective. By continuing to use the Service after these changes, you agree to be bound by the revised Cookie Policy. If you’re uncomfortable with the new Cookie Policy, rest assured that you can delete your account.

Necessary Cookies

We employ essential cookies to ensure the functionality of our Website. These cookies are vital for core operations, including security, network management, managing your cookie preferences, and enhancing accessibility. Disabling them via your browser settings may impact the Website’s functionality, as they are essential for basic services.

Performance and Functionality Cookies

These cookies are not essential but enhance our Website’s performance and functionality. Some features, such as video playback, require cookies, or you may need to log in repeatedly during each visit because the site won’t remember your previous session.

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